Take THAT Satan...


Sometimes, I get so frustrated at people that I just love to give them ATTITUDE.

When I'm in this mood, nothing gives me more pleasure than to push their buttons.
Right now I'm sitting in my last class on my very last day of school. I hate this professor. That is not an overstatement. Some people tell me it is, but I really do hate him. He is actually lecturing us on the last day on a pointless subject that we will be quizzed on next week. So, he gives us computers but gets mad at us for being on "social networking" sites during his B-O-R-I-N-G lectures. So, I'm blogging because I want to bug him.

On a positive note....

It's my last day of school listening to people teach me!

My homework is all done!

I'll find out where I'm student teaching on monday!

It's almost summer and I don't even have a job!

Dale is graduating!

Our anniversary is in less than a WEEK! time flies!

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow (finally)

DQ Blizzards are only 25 cents right now

I will have mornings back to actually go to the gym now...


I still have a couple weeks of Lost left.

Life is good!

ps...reason for the name of this post: we call our professor at school Satan.


  1. ha love that post.. How are you cutting your hair? I'm excited. By the way.. thanks for the comment about the pixie cut, I'm strongly considering it.



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