I left my heart in Frisco...


Ok...Picture overload. This is the post about our Spring Break trip to San Francisco. There really was a lot that happened, so if you don't have lots of time, just close out now.
So we went to SF to go apartment hunting and to take a much needed break from school and studying. We saved up and had so much fun while we were there. We found a couple apartments that we really liked with awesome views (still way too illegally expensive in my book), had dinner with a partner in Dale's firm, went to a extremely nice ward (I don't even think wards like that exist in Utah), Hung out with a guy that works at Dale's firm and his wife, watched Lost, stayed in a totally gross hotel on our way to Cali (it smelled like an ooollllddd resthome), almost got to our hotel in walnut creek and then found out it was evacuated because there was a huge lumberyard on fire 2 doors down (uh ya...had to cancel our reservations for that one), stayed in a really nice hotel the first night, couldn't get our refund back for the evacuated hotel the rest of the time, so we had to go back there, I lost my camera (the pictures of the fire, the gross hotel with the crooked toilet, and any other cool pics are on that one), had to buy a cheapie one at Target, met up with Dale's aunt and uncle for dinner, and ate way too much amazing food while were were there. We stayed in Walnut Creek for the majority of the time because that's where we thought we wanted to live. Downtown Walnut Creek is the cutest place I've ever seen with THE BEST shopping in the world!!! I was totally in heaven. I mean, Jamba Juice, H&M, and Urban Outfitters were right on top of each other! I'm in so much trouble when we move. So, here is our trip! Enjoy.

Dale's building! His is the shorter white skyscraper with lines down the sides. It is really right down town. Pretty cool spot!

The closest we got to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Pier 39. I loved this place.

Us at Pier 39. Alcatraz is behind us, and I can't wait to go there. I would be pissed if I lived in the city and Alcatraz was that close to me! Um, hello! Those prisoners will swim and kill. I guess that's not logical, but still.

This is the window where we could watch the bakery making their famous sourdough bread into animals! It was so cool to watch. I should have bought bread shaped like a huge crab.

our FINISHED famous clam chowder in a Boudin's bread bowl. It was so amazing and worth the fortune we paid for it too.

While in San Francisco, we did the whole tourist thing, and we decided to go to a wax museum. I've always wanted to go to one. And, it wasn't what I was expecting, but it was still pretty funny to see celebrities and other famous people.

My husband was such a geek. This is just one of many.

This was the most real looking one there.

Eminem, Madonna, Brittney Spears (before she was crazy), and half-naked Beyonce. I did not think that was legal. The wax museum was pretty sweet though. I should have gotten a picture of our dear President Obama. Such a likeness.

I took this picture just to show how steep the roads are there. It is crazy!

We hit up Ghiradelli Square. The history of this whole area was so interesting. I loved the feel of this part of the city. It helps that it's a square named after the best chocolate invented.

Chinatown...full of way too many weird smells and Bhuddas

Us at the bottom of Lombard Street--the crookedest street in the world. It really is, too.

One of the things we wanted to do the very most (and when I say we, I really mean Dale) was drive through the Haight Ashbury and the Castro. Haight Ashbury was (and still is) where all the hippies and druggies chilled, especially in the 60's. We saw some VERY interesting characters here. The Castro is the...you guessed it... homosexual part of town. Unfortuantely, these streets also had the cutest "full house" style houses in them. I'm so bummed. I'm going to have to make friends with some gay guys. Maybe roomies? Anyway, here are our adventures there.

THis is the Castro. We didn't see any naked guys doing stuff like Dale did last time he was there (should I be worried he likes it there so much?), but we saw lots of rainbows.

I will live in these houses someday.

Pictures of these houses are what took up most of the room on my camera. I am IN LOVE with them. They are like my dream style house. Someday...someday.

Ok. Now here is the funny part. We decided for our one night in San Fran City that we were gonna drop some money and stay in a cool hotel. So we get to this hotel and seriously, it was down town shopping district (Forever 21, H&M, Abercrombie...you name it, they were next door to us), check in, watch the old movie that was playing on a huge screen there, and head up to our room. SO...we climb into this tiny elevator, and walk through the skinniest halls I've ever seen. We open the door to our room...and....BAM. Our door almost hits the edge of our bed. The room was TINY!! We paid for a "petite" queen bed. There was maybe 1 foot of space between the bed and the walls. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking (even though they don't do this room justice), but it suffices to say that this was so small. But I did love the hotel. It was cute and old, with a modern/vintage/haunted hotel feel. I've never had to walk sideways to sit on the toilet. Good times. I guess you don't get what you pay for in good ole SF.

This is our petite queen (I didn't even know they existed). Notice the door right by it?

Um...ya, this was our bathroom. No door on the shower. So modern I'm guessing.

The space I had to work with to get ready

Seriously, the walls. Oh I'm glad I'm not claustrophobic.

And the haunted halls. Reminded me of those commercials for Bing when the families are at the haunted places. Not gonna lie, it was a little creepy.

And this was the awesome door hanger things. We stole it. I was in love with it.

Dale also surprised me with Wicked tickets while we were there, so we went to the show one night. I've seen this show 3 times already. It was awesome, but I think I'm ready a new broadway show. Phantom I hope ( I wish Dale read this blog ;))

So here is us at the show. Not too many pictures here.

On our way out of San Francisco, we had to find DYNAMO DONUTS to see if they really are as good as we had heard (see past posts about bacon). So, we punch the address into our life-saving Garmin, and head to our breakfast. Little did we know that we were going to the GHETTO! oh my gosh. It was scary. I had black guys lookin my ghetto booty up and down and picketers on the other side of the road yelling. I really did not want to leave the car parked, unattended. I thought we would get shot. But we did get the donuts, and I wasn't impressed. I'm embarrassed to say that our favorite donut was the maple bacon one. It was actually pretty good, and the rest of the donuts were nasty.

This is the area...

...and our donuts. We were excited.

During the last part of our trip, we went to the temple grounds. We really wanted to go in, but ran out of time. It is a beautiful temple though, and I'm excited to go there!

I know this looks like a professional picture, but really it's not. Dale took it, but that's just how pretty the temple is!

Anyway, sorry for the extremely long picture/story overload, but we should be about caught up now. Well almost. Dale was in Texas for 2 weeks while his brother had surgery and I went up to Seattle with my sisters-in-law for Easter. No pictures of that, but it was WAY fun. So glad I got to see all of them! Now, school is just finishing up and Dale takes his 2nd test on Friday. We are so excited to have school over with (I can't believe I'm almost a real live teacher!) and move to SF soon. We really are blessed right now!


  1. That made me tired just looking through all the stuff you did! WOW. Looks like a fun place to live, we will have to come visit. Jackson told me one of his old mission companions got a job where Dale is and they are moving there too....weird! Plus he is super smart like Dale so it didn't surprise me. I think their last name is Hilton.

  2. I love this recap of your first experience in SF.... especially the black guys lookin at your booty. Ha!



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