Shout Out


Just a litle shout out to my husband....

(This is not him)

My husband is such an amazing smarty pants. I mean really. I know I'm biased and everything because I sleep with the guy, but he really is. First of all, he got a job with THE TOP accounting firm in the country. Now, while he's supporting me and my shopping habits, he has been studying for 1 (of 4) big CPA tests he has to take to become a certified public accountant. So this first test he decided to take is the hardest out of the 4, and only 40% of people pass it their first time. My husband has been studying pretty hard for about 2 months, and took it recently. Well, we just got the results back and wouldn't you guess it....


and when I say aced it I mean aced it as in he got a 92 when 99 is considered a perfect score.

I'm not.

He's amazing! He's been working so hard and I'm so proud of him. So if you happen to see him, just kiss his feet for me, would you? Or just embarrass him with your praise.


  1. Wow! Way to go Dale.. That is awesome! Tell him I said congrats!

  2. That's amaz za zing. Really! I think Dale needs to do a shout out about how wonderful of a wife you are now.

  3. That is awesome! Congrats Dale! We need to hang out. Let me know when you guys aren't busy.

  4. what a shout out :) this is seriously sooo cute!!! im so happy for guys!! congrats dale, that guy deserves it!! i'll be sure next time i see him to embarrass the humble guy with praise!!

  5. Very cool!!! Probably time for a good solid game of Buzz, it that even what it's called ha ha ha?!?! We'll bring the treats :) Congrats!!!

  6. And then Cornell called and said we want you.....I should have seen this coming long ago!



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