I'm really sick of my post with no pictures and a lame music video link. Plus my friend told me to update because my blog is boring... and that really puts a damper on things when you're trying to blog stock. Nothing much interesting has been happening, but here's a few highlights of what we here in beard-ville like to do.


He likes to study, break pens, throw spoons at our walls, and then patch up his anger management "slips" he has while studying.

He also likes to wait on me hand and foot, make me breakfast in the mornings and make sure I get to school on time.


She likes to bash on her stupid professor at school, procrastinate homework, and shake her booty (literally...shake...) at ZUMBA (P.s. you should totally go to the class. it's sweet).

She also likes to....nothing? I don't know, there's not much else I do. I don't even do my wifely duties... I guess I watch Lost every Tuesday, religiously. That's a duty, right? I'm pretending it is. Sometimes I cook.

Anyway, besides that, we are also planning our spring break trip to....SAN FRAN! Would you believe me if I told you this was my very first spring break trip ever? So pathetic. On our trip, we will be spending more money than we have and looking for apartments that we'll never be able to afford. We know which one we want, and it's actually not too bad of a price. Only 1300 bucks. Pocket change really. If I could show you a picture of the whole 600 square feet of it, I would, but I don't think there's enough room on this space...

So that's about it here! I'll come up with something exciting soon. So Ms. Christensen...enjoy ;)



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