Dale's Birthday


So I guess I'm on some kind of baking kick or something, because I see recipes, imagine that I can actually make whatever I see, and it will turn out perfectly and I'll be some master baker or something. It doesn't really work like that I found out. See, this site (Bakerella) that I'm in love with always has the greatest ideas and the BEST desserts. Dale's birthday was last weekend, and he wanted me to make him dinner and make him a baseball cake from scratch (no sweat! thought I). I found a great moist yellow cake recipe, found a beautiful frosting recipe, and just knew that I could do this.... It turned out to be quite the cooking ordeal. I think I slaved over the oven from 12 to 6... and my cakes sunk so the frosting in the middle was like 5 inches high compared to the frosting on the sides that was barely there. The frosting had crumbs in it, and the cake was lopsided. But, it did look like a baseball, so that's a plus. And we got to watch LOST afterwards.

This is what I pretend it looked like:

This is what it really looked like:

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, goofy, intelligent husband! He is the best because he ate my cake and said he loved it. I love him so much :)

On a small sidenote...Lost starts on February 2nd! Goodbye Tuesdays!


  1. I don't even try anymore. It's called Dairy Queen. Excellent job on the cake! Dale is so lucky to have such an awesome wife like you.



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