Happy Sunday!


I just felt today like i needed to tell about a few of the things I am very thankful for, especially lately. Right now I am reading the Work and the Glory series and I am so struck by the sacrifices the early saints went through when the church was restored. Joseph Smith is such an amazing man. He was positive and saw the whole picture. He loved those who hurt him and his family, he stayed faithful and obedient even in the hardest trials. I love this series because it shows the personality that Joseph Smith must have had and I love it. He is the person that I can't wait to meet when I go to heaven. In D&C 135 it says that Joseph has done more for the salvation of man, save Jesus Christ, than any man in the whole entire world. I believe that without a doubt, and I am grateful that Heavenly Father chose such a wonderful man to restore the gospel to this earth. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and what it does for my life. I am grateful for my ancestors and early saints who sacrificed so much for their families and for their faith. I am grateful for temples and that we have the opportunity to be sealed to our families forever and live with our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ forever. I am grateful to live in this wonderful country and that we have the opportunity to gain an education. I feel blessed and I just wanted everyone to know that. Have a good sabbath!


  1. Most amazing books eh?! Elyse, have you read my blog about my Church History trip that I took with my honors Church History class?! I have never had such a strong testimony builder of anything in my entire life than that! It was amazing. The major underlying theme of the whole trip that I talk about is sacrifice. It never ceases to amaze me and has brought me to tears numerous times! Anyway, I have SO many good books talking about the early saints and getting to know Joseph as a prophet but also as a husband, a friend, father, and neighbor! They are amazing and I think you would really love them! Thanks for this post...sorry about the novel! :) Much love!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Joseph Smith and his life. I love the Work and the Glory books also:) I try and remember his life and sacrifices when life gets difficult. Times may get tough-but not compared to what the saints had to go through.

  3. Work and the Glory, straight up loved those books.



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