Gradumatation, Birthday & Such


Aloha all! We have had a great couple of weeks, and a really great Christmas too. We spent that with my family, but not too many pictures. Here is what we've been up to:

One of my best friends got married the day after Christmas. Jessica married a guy from Hurricane named Willie. They are so cute togehter and their wedding day was so nice. Anyway, Jess is one of my favorite people in this world and so it was really fun to be there. We are so happy for them! So here are a couple pictures from that.

We got to make some gingerbread houses with my family too before Christmas. Dale was pretty excited about it. As you can tell, his "church" is really detailed. I don't think he could do anything without making it detailed haha. My family made a little village of ugly graham cracker houses, but it was really fun.

Another VERY exciting thing that has happened lately was....FINALS! They came and went, we survived, both got 4.0 GPAs and Dale finished the Masters Program! He is all done for the rest of his life! He now has his Masters of Accountancy and so now he says I have to call him master.....Anyway, I asked him what one thing he wanted for his graduation present and he said banana cream pie. So I made him one, and it was gross, but the pie crust letters are cute right? Ya, I felt pretty artsy.... Congrats Dale! He is so awesome, and I'm way proud of him.

My 21st birthday was a couple weeks ago, so Dale took me up to THE ROOF in Salt Lake next to the temple (they didn't serve alcohol there). That is the restaurant we got engaged at a year ago, plus we both love the food. So we went there with my mom, Dale got us both flowers (he is such a sweetheart) and we had a great time. Shopping all day + Dale was a good sport = a really good birthday!

As you can see, we've had a really great couple of weeks, especially with school being out and having so many fun things to do. Next....NEW YEARS EVE! And then my life will be over again when school starts and Dale will have to really buckle down and study for his CPA exams. You probably won't hear from us much haha. Hope everyone had a great holiday season!


  1. I love the picture of you two in front of the temple! You two are gorgeous! Congratulations on graduating and on both of your 4.0's. Nerds. For real Elyse, you are gorgeous and you have gorgeous hair. This is suzy, not joey.



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