Thanksgiving in the Rain


Happy late Thanksgiving!!
We had a great holiday and hope everyone else did too. Dale and I got to go to Seattle for Thanksgiving with Dale's sister and family. We had such a fun time. We got to go eat at the Space Needle, visit Pike Place Market (so cool!), do some major Black Friday shopping, and lots of breaking-diet eating.... Ya, it was awesome.
First are some pictures of the market. If you've never been there, it's just this open market where vendors sell fresh fruit, veggies, seafood galore, and lots of other cool things. If I lived near that market, I would totally buy my vegetables and fruit there. I have never seen stuff so fresh! Anyway, this market went on forever and vendors just kept repeating. It's kinda like the Swap Meet in Hawaii. Anyway, that was fun.

Next, we got to go eat at the Space Needle! 600 Feet up! And the place that you eat rotates so you get a full view of the city surrounding. It is such a great view, and the food was amazing. We even got to eat a mix between broccoli and cauliflower. That was really good. We also got dessert, and although my creme brulee was amazing to say the least, we got some ice cream with dry ice at the bottom, and when our watier filled it with water, my poor niece Cally was so scared and wouldn't even eat the ice cream afterwards.

This picture is one of my new favorites. When we left the restaurant, it was raining pretty good, so my nephew Ryan decided he wanted to use our take home bag as his hat so he wouldn't get rained on. It was so funny.

A couple sidenotes.... We had my friend Sara's bachelorette party (ya, they get pretty wild...) She is getting married Saturday. AND we got our Christmas tree up complete with cheap Wal Mart ornaments. Gotta love our ghetto apartment.

Anyway, we've had such a great time, and thanks to my mother-in-law Jan and my sister-in-law Jannah for letting us crash your house and for always helping us out! We had such a great time! Happy Holidays everyone!



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