San Fran-: City of Rainbows....and stuff


It's been a while, I know. I was waiting to post until something exciting happened, and it finally did! As most of you know, Dale has been trying to get interviews with tons of firms around the country. He sent like, 70 resumes around, but none were taking and he kept getting rejection letters (only because NO ONE is hiring right now). So he finally got two office interviews: one with Deloitte in San Francisco and one with McGladrey in Las Vegas. We decided that we would like to live in California, and Dale REALLY loves Deloitte. So he went to the office interviews, kicked butt like usual, and he got offers from BOTH FIRMS!!! Like I said, he REALLY loves SF and the Deloitte office, and it has really lifted a huge weight off his shoulders to know where we are going and that he has a job. The office really liked him and called him an hour after his interviews. He was that good, and I am just that lucky to have a guy that smart.

ANYWAY.... we are going to SAN FRANCISCO! I won't be going for a year, but Dale will probably start work next August. I will stay and student teach till next Decemeber and then I'll move too. I am excited now...and really nervous, but it will be fun and new adventure for us. I am not looking forward to the $1300 rent a month. I will be starting a rent charity fund soon if you would like to donate. no pressure.


  1. Are you seriously going to send Dale to SF for 4 months by himself? Bad idea but congrats!

  2. Do you mean that because of all the gay people there? Haha just kidding Elyse. That sounds exciting, can I come?

  3. That is awesome! Tell Dale I say congrats! Deloitte seems like it would be a way cool place to work, and it will be so fun for you guys to be out on your own! Maybe we can come visit sometime :)

  4. So proud of you guys!
    That means we have to come Visit you. When I say we I mean me.

  5. Oh I'm jealous. That will be a really cool place to live. It is by far the coolest place that I have traveled to (although I haven't done much traveling)!

  6. Joey told me about this, but I've been out of blogging for awhile. That is awesome. I want to live in California for a little while. I have never been to SF. That is so exciting!!



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