Welllll Here are a couple pics of the new little boy COY! I was so excited that he came 3 weeks early. Bj and Cherie named him Brian Coy Whitney. He was 7 lbs 12 oz and was 19 inches long and born Sept 28th aound 8:30 or so. His face is so bruised...that's why he looks so purple. He looks better today (the 2nd day). But Cherie did great and looks awesome doesn't she? They are all so happy, and Carter couldn't wait for little baby Coy to come out. He even bought him a little present. I just love this family. Coy is sooo tiny! I couldn't stop holding him and BJ and Cherie were probably like 'GET OUT!' Too bad. Until I have my baby, I'll have to mooch off other people.

I just LOVE being an aunt! So excited :)


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