New Love


I have found a new love: Bakerella. I got this site from my cousin's blog, and although I SUCK at cooking, I'm thinking that when I'm done with school it's gonna be my new hobby. I mean, hey, all those days of introducing cheese eggs (Kendra) and making up cookie recipes must have been beneficial in some way. Check out her blog here, because someday, I'll be cooking up a storm, become hilarious like her, and magically develop photography skills!

Cheesecake Pops??? I mean, hello.... easy and bane of my existence rolled together in delectable elegance...

I love pound cake

This, of course, will be my crowning event of excellence. 12 layers! It doesn't look so hard when SHE does it.

Did I mention I love cheesecake?? I needed my own recipe to show up my Mom's, and now I have one. Mwahahaha
Ultimately, I will be extremely obese when I finish school because of my soon-to-be cooking genius being let out of it's cage, but who cares? Enjoy life, right?



  1. I better be the first for dinner and cheesecake!! I need a new recipe anyway - very bored with mine.
    ps. no one probably got the evil laugh thing - i could just hear you doing that!!

  2. Remember how I left the best comment on this blog post...why is it not showing up?

  3. unfortunately I didn't get to experience your best comment kendra. leave it again.



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