The Happenings of Summer


Well, we haven't had too much of a summer, but here are our last days before schools starts and our lives end again...

First, this is the only pic I have from our San Diego trip, and in my opinion, it was the best part! We had a girls night and went out to the most amazing dessert place called Heaven Sent Desserts in San Diego. We ditched the boys and the kids and ate a million calories. Couldn't get any better. It was so delicious and fun to get together!

We also got to go camping with my family . Dale and Brian went up to Panguitch to go fishing, and we went up the next day, had a great dinner, and 7 of us squished into a 6-man tent.

Then we got to go up to Lagoon for a day. It was really fun, and full of the awesome white trash that usually goes. Fun times (*Sidenote* We do have olden day outlaw/saloon girl pics that we are going to post soon. Hold your breath because they are s-e-x-y).

Us on the WILD MOUSE. Dale was too chicken.

And then, one verrrry boring summer night, my sister came over and we decided to go ice blocking on the hill across from our apartment. It was my first time, and it was SO FUN! I love sledding when you aren't freezing in the snow and slipping everywhere.
Our ice blocks

Dale and I are really boring most of the time. So we decided to get out of our freakin suffocatingly hot apartment and go on a picnic in the park. We got a rotisserie chicken from Wally World and mashed potatoes and biscuits from KFC. So it's turning out to be quite the relaxing evening when all of a sudden, 1 bee, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 BEES swarm our food! Now, they had their choice of honey and gravy and any other sweet thing on our blanket- but no, they went for the CHICKEN. Chicken? Since when are bees carnivores? Anyway, they swarmed us and Dale was pretty scared, I'll tell you what. So they drove us back into our apartment where we ate the remainings on our counter. What a bust.That day, we learned two things: 1) Dale is terrified of bees. 2) There are two types of bees: Carnivore (eats meat), and Herbivore (likes fruit, pollen, and honey, like any other regular bee).

Last but not least, we had my sister's 12th bday party (12?! what the??). Anyway, we had a fun time bowling, and me and Dale picked up some wickedly sweet mustachios. Check it.

Marinn got a Snuggie as a present, and Dale promptly took over. Guess I know what I'm getting him for Christmas :)

We also had an Ugly Face contest. We didn't even decide who won, but I thought it was so funny.


  1. haha Thank you for having an ugly face contest! Yeah, for my sister.



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