Well....Here is just a little update on our summer.

First, my brother Dallin left on his mission to the Argentina, Resistencia mission! He doesn't seem old enough to go yet, but it is great to see him all grown up and I can't wait for him to mature and then come home. I think he'll do such a great job out there. This is half of our family the day he got set apart and left.

and here is at the MTC before he took the plunge!

Next thing, our dog Jack got really sick this last weekend with some weird disk disease and was paralyzed. We had to put him down because he couldn't even walk or wag his tail. It was so sad, and he was only like 4 years old. Probably the best dog we ever had, so this is my tribute to him. My mom was pretty beat up about it, losing a dog and her son in one week haha. But it's ok, because all dogs go to heaven...

Also, Dale's best friend Kup got married at the first of June, so we went up there to the wedding. They are really cute together, and we are glad we got to go.

Now, our newest hobby is camping. Since our lives this summer have been consumed and destroyed by summer school, we try to hit up camping once in while. We have invested in a tent (Dale wanted an 8-man, but I talked him down to a 6-man) and experimented with new ways to cook hobo dinners. We have had some fun times, and we really love camping now!

Here is Dale's awesome fire teepee he made. What a boy scout.

This night we stayed at a really nice campground, left his wallet at home, the car died, a huge truck had to come jump it, there were REALLY loud girls camp girls screaming all night, and Dale pushed me onto a rock when we were sleeping. But...all in all, it was a fun night. Notice our sweet campsite and bonfire haha

Our huge tent for two

I think this is his 'sexy' face...

Our hobo dinners
Anyway, thats about all we've been up to. Actually, we got to go to San Diego with Dale's side of the family. His broha Tom and his family finally got home to the states from Germany and we got to all be together! It was fun to finally meet ALL of Dale's family. We got to stay in this awesome house that overlooked the bay, went to a Padres' game, hit up the beach, and chill with the fam. It was a great vacay, but I relied on my sisters in law to get all the pictures....so more of those to come later.
Anyway, thats it for now!



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