Wedding Day!


So here are the wedding pictures! My cousin Suzy did them for me, and she is pretty much amazing. Her business is called Jack and Jill photography, and she has a lot of talent. :) Visit her blog here and her website here.
Anyway, enjoy some of the pics! There are a million, and they are all so cute. That day was so much fun and we are so happy to be together. Thanks again to everyone that came!!

Me and my brothers

Dale's buddies

So, these two are not exactly related... Cally is on Dale's side, and Carter is on my side, and we just looked over to the corner at our luncheon and they were sittin there holdin hands and listening to their ipod. It was so funny and cute.

Putting on the Garter. So, a little bit before the wedding, Dale and I were visiting Jan in San Diego, and Dale's grandma brought out her beautiful wedding dress that she got married in 60+ years ago. It was such a beautiful vintage dress, and she knows how much I love that stuff. She and her Mom and made it, and she had saved the extra material, and wanted to throw it away. SO, since Jan is such an amazing seamstress, I convinced her to make a garter for me from this old material. She made two for me, and they were so pretty! What a great keepsake to have, and we knocked out something old and something borrowed with one stone.

Dale, Jannah, Ben. We seriously thought about making a life-size poster of Tom to stick in the brother pictures.

I only had one nephew and gained about 500 in one night. They are all so darling!

Love how this is so classic. How can you get married without this?

Cutting the cake. I love how this looks picture looks vintage

The awesome car we got to drive around in. He could go so dang fast in this thing. I sat on top and almost fell off! Dale asked him to take us for a drive before we went home, and it was so fun.

Me & my Papa :)

The parents and us at the temple!!

My besties

Classic Charlie's Angels pose with the new sisters

My familia!!

The cake turned out so great

Dale's family minus Tom, Shay, and Maddie! We missed them!

Dale and his madre

Walking to take the dreaded temple steps picture...But great editing!! The reason that no one is behind us is because no one would follow us to the steps. Hey, we were in a hurry, we had places to go and things to do ;)


  1. Everything turned out so great. This makes me even more excited to get ours back.
    Love you guys!

  2. FINALLY!!! I have been waiting for wedding pictures FOREVER...and by forever, I mean since you have been married! They are all gorgeous by the way and you look phenomenal!!

  3. Hey I blog stocked you! Your wedding looks like it was beautiful. Love all the vintage styles! Congrats you guys. Oh and thanks for sending us an invite that was really thoughtful.

  4. I'm very happy for you Elyse! You made a beautiful bride that day. It is such a joy to watch you grow up and go to the temple. Roland and I feel like we're part of your family, we've known you so long. Your always in our hearts:)
    -Sister Roy



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