Night jobs


I have a funny story.

So, the other day, we were at the mall in St. George and happened to run into Dani and Necia at American Eagle. So we are just chatting, and Dale runs off to look at the guys clothes. So he comes back and tells me to put my sunglasses on and tip my head up without telling me what the heck he was doing. So I do what he says, even though I had no idea what was going on, and he puts a shirt up next to me. This is what we saw:
Who knew I had a nigh/side/slut job as a skinny girl who wears skimpy bikinis and offers huge margueritas to men?

Hope Dale doesn't mind... he was pretty excited about it actually.

and no I don't look like that in a swim suit unfortunately


  1. so...did you buy the shirt? Or did Dale?

  2. i totally should have. but we decided dale's coloring didn't exactly go well with the shirt. and I didn't want to look conceited

  3. Holy Smokes! That is SO crazy! You guys look so similar...especially that skinny part! That is so trippy! Love it.

  4. Ummmm... that IS you on the tee shirt right? And he bought it, right?! Seriously. You are hot. the end.



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