Honeymoon = ???


Well folks... it's over!! We are finally hitched after 4 freaking long engaged months. It was perfect and beautiful and THANK YOU to everyone that could make it and supported us! We appreciate it so much. And we really missed everyone that couldn't make it. Anyway, we got married in the St. George temple on May 2nd, had a beautiful luncheon, and then got to go to the most amazing reception ever! We had so much fun seeing everyone and being together. It was perfect and now I am a Beard too!

For our honeymoon, we headed to St. George and got to stay in this awesome suite. Dale quite liked it.
Sunday we had a relaxing day, drove to Las Vegas, and flew to our destination of Sandals Ocho Rios in JAMAICA!!! Ya, don't be hatin'. It was pretty much awesome. Now next is what you may call picture overload, but our trip was a blast, so enjoy.

This is just a picture of us flying into Jamaica. I had a way good window seat. Dale is always the gentleman.
This night we went to a fun place for dinner called Kimono's. It is like Samuri 21 but not as good. It was fun.
So we got a little wild with the chopsticks. He started it.

There was this awesome hammock that we always got to chill in at night. It was right by the beach and pot smokers. Perfect.

This is the beach! We couldn't get over what a beautiful color the water was there.

I also learned that Dale sleeps with his hand down his pants like every other male in the world.


And leaving the resort...
During our trip, we tubed down the White River, ate at a lot of restaurants, went to some cool shows, and had probably 3 strawberry pina colada smoothies a day. Plus we got to be together alone for a while. I am so happy that I got to marry Dale. I couldn't find anyone better than him. Thanks again to Suzy who took our pictures, Bart who videoed all night and day, the awesome wedding planners, My mom and Mother-in-Law for all the help and everything they did for us, and for all he family that came! We love you all!

PS: Though many may be surprised, neither Dale or I took any of the much-offered weed, and yes, Dale DID get asked more than once if he was a cop because of his curiosity.


  1. Your pictures are soo cute.. .you guys look liked you guys have fun.. very bummed i didn't make it out to the reception. Jes says it was quite an ordeal.. very happy for you guys.. you guys are too cute...


    in two weeks i'll know exactly what your talking about :)

  2. Bah!! Elyse! That is SO fun! Jamaica, how exotic! Love it. I can not WAIT to see pictures from the wedding! Everyone said you looked AMAZING! Wish I could of been there...but New York was calling! Congratulations on being married!

  3. Awww I want to go to there. You know Dale will probably kill you for that picture right?

  4. Ha ha, looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  5. Elyse it sounds like you had so much fun!! Is it everything you dreamed it to be?? :) I can't wait to hear allllllllll about it!!

  6. Haha dude the "heaton family" is really Brandi... I was using my friends computer and didn't know it was signed in under her name

  7. bunch o babies! You little youngins. My favorite line, "plus we got to be together alone for a while"... so vague Elyse! haha.



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