Honeymoon Continued...


Well, since nothing new has been going on, I will answer the request of more pictures from our honeymoon. Lame, I know, and I also know that no one probably cares, but too bad.

Here is us on the plane... Got the window seat every time :)
One of our favorite things to do...copy statues, and usually they're naked. Dale is good at it. Go figure.

Pretty much the theme of our trip. Not the fruit... the smoking. haha But it was really cool, because at every meal we had, they always had carved fruit and veggies to make everything look awesome.

Loves the ocean.

Probably the 3rd or 4th of our amazing strawberry coladas that day. We loved the pool bar. It was so relaxing.

And the best dinner we had at the Marco Polo restaurant on our resort. It was SO good. And they made suns out of tortilla chips. Talented? yes.

Chillin on the beach.

The awesome life-sized chess game outside our room. Dale kicked my trash of course. Lame.

He gets pretty intense sometimes...

And leaving our beautiful island and room :( Dale is scared to re-enter real life I guess.

And this cool video was of a show goin on the night before we left. This guy is a snake charmer, but if you watch the basket closely... this snake charmer gets the snot scared out of him.


  1. Sandals resorts are so fun!! We went to saint Lucia and it seriously looks like we went to the same resort... so i guess they look the same every where! it look like you have a ton of fun!! CONGRATS!!



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