Belated Mother's Day


After everything that has been going on, I just wanted to give a little shout out to my Mom, and my newly-acquired Mom-in-law.

My mom has is the best mom in the world to me. I really don't deserve half of what she does for me and I think she is so beautiful. She is the one I look up to when everything in my life is going to crap. She is the greatest example spiritually to me, and I appreciate all that she has done for me. We are such good friends, and it's so good to have someone to talk to that understands where you're coming from and tells you the truth, even if it sucks. I love you madre!

Jan is awesome. Granted, I don't know her as well yet, since it has only been a year, but she has been so accepting, helpful, and selfless the entire time I have known her. The sacrifices she makes for her kids amazes me, and I look up to her and the attitude she has. I get new insight every time I talk to her. Dale loves his mom more than anything, and they are such good friends. Jan has done so much for us already, and I am so grateful to her for that. I love this picture of her, I think she looks so pretty. We love you Jan!

Anyway, all you mothers out there are pretty amazing. I don't know if I can ever pull it off, but I am glad that I have so many people to look up to when I need to!


  1. Elyse, you always know the right things to make it all worth it!! Love you too



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