How Many Men Does it Take?


So, I witnessed something pretty funny today. I always love when guys stand around and try to fix something. You know they have no idea what to do or where to start, but they stand there with their arms folded, nodding every once in a while, using their muscles to move a big slab one or two inches and then back again. Of course they know what they're doing! A few of my close family members (ahem) tried to move a big concrete slab out of the ground today, and as I was just looking on, I about died when I noticed that they all did that for a while...a lot of stroking of the chins....grunts...flexing....surveying the area. And finally a great idea came, and of course it was dangerous and possibly fatal to any surrounding persons, but it worked. Only men. But it was funny and that's the end. PS, the picture has nothing to do with this post; it was the only one I could find that reminded me of a bunch of guys standing around. Awkward.


  1. cute blog!! and congrats on the wedding.. again..



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